Internet Strategies July 2017 – Go Big

When it comes to aiming for customers and reach on social media platforms, you can take a slingshot or a shotgun.

An often-asked question coming from business owners addresses the fog of decision making as to which social media platform to use. In this months Internet Strategies column we look into the pros and cons, and whether or not you should aim small or go big.

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HootSuite: This is my preferred tool for managing all of my social media accounts from one dashboard.

Four Crucial Components to Social Media Engagement: If you divide those values into quarters, your social media presence will maintain credibility with your followers. Consider this recipe.

Consider this. How many fish do you think you can catch with a boat and a large net as opposed to a fishing rod, bait, hook and sinker? Would you attack a bed of Rattlesnakes with a slingshot to hit one at a time or a shotgun to get them all in one blast? I say if you want to find them all, catch them all or hit them all, go big!

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