Your 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Online Leads, Sales and Success

Rags' 2017 Holiday Gift GuideA holiday shopping list of recommended tasks as well as suggestions and improvements that can easily fit your budget, and allow a small investment to generate big returns.

Social Media Branding

Let’s create a fantastic branded theme across all of your social media properties! Consider grabbing a holiday theme to use every year!

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Professional, Branded Email Templates

The holiday season means Email Marketing and holiday themed greetings.

I can provide you with an easy to use email template that can bring your email campaigns to life, letting you focus on your subject lines and promotional content.

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Keyword Analysis And SEO

Order your report and stay current with todays methods of discovery. A full keyword analysis report, suggestions for improvement, reports on popular keywords that are trending that relate to your web site and an overall picture of how your SEO is looking.

A perfect way to go into the New Year prepared.

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Optimize and Review your Website Copy

Let’s collaborate on the project together and get your message across to your visitors as well as the search engines to keep your web site providing you with results.

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Optimizing and Reviewing Your Home Page and Landing Pages

Converting your site visitors into leads and sales using landing page strategies and appealing to the consumers. Let’s put the 3 click rule into effect for your strategies; 3 clicks or less to make contact or make a purchase.

Why wait until next year, Do it before the holiday rush!

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Conduct an Analysis of the Competition

See where you are standing in opposition to your competition through the lenses of the search engines, social media properties and overall appeal to online consumers. Apply the insight to your strategies that kick off the New Year.

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Merry Christmas

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