Enough With The Questions, Get On With The Answers

Some observations about the trends of marketing in the current online environment:

Allow me to go on a little rant here while offering a few thoughts about marketing online. First, a brief explainer.

I’m one of those people who can’t stand commercials. Which is odd, because back in art school I had dreams of becoming part of an ad agency making creative ads. I guess having grown older and seen my channel list expand from four channels to infinity over the years, I became a bit overwhelmed. My television has a permanent “MUTE” indicator burned into the screen from my abuse of muting any and all commercials during TV time.

This is where the subject of too many questions came to mind recently. Look at your average annoying commercials. They all seem to start with some question. “Do you suffer from severe to moderate ______?” or “Tired of all that build up in your shower drain?” I began to notice online marketing from brands that I follow annoying me in the same manner. “Looking to barbecue this holiday weekend?” (of course I am you dolt) and “Is your vehicle prepared for this summer heat?” (as usual pinhead).

I got to thinking both from a position of being exhausted from this unwanted line of questioning as well as looking at it from an Internet Marketing angle, why not stop with the questions and go straight to a call to action strategy. Take this comparison: “Tired of all that build up in your shower drain? Look at this great new cleaning product from Brand XYZ!” as opposed to “That build up isn’t going to clean itself, we’ve got the solution. Click here to find out more.”

Enough with the questions. Just throw them the pitch. I’ve got a product you need, this is why you need it, click here to buy it. A simple, forward call to action.

Having got that off my chest and hopefully offered a few things to consider within your own strategies, a little humor from one of my favorite comics that is related to the subject:

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