Facebook Instant Articles: Boosting Engagement And Mobile Friendliness

Facebook Instant ArticlesFacebook reports as of November 2016 indicated a staggering 11 billion active daily mobile users. Is your content reaching them effectively?

It can’t be said enough that we are in a mobile device driven world when it comes to the Internet. It is no longer a question as to whether mobile friendliness is something to consider, it is mandated. Considering the number of Facebook users that primarily look to their mobile device for interacting with the site, consider how your content is being presented to them.

If you’re already on top of things, you’re posting articles and blog posts to your Facebook business page frequently. However, should a mobile user choose to follow the link, will they arrive to discover fast loading, mobile friendly content?

Facebook Instant Articles is a feature that addresses the mobile users interaction in a fast and efficient manner by loading your content in a mobile friendly format, and allowing the user to access your blog posts and articles without ever leaving Facebook. And the benefits are well worth using the feature.

From the Instant Articles web site:

Engaging and Sharable

The fast, immersive reading experience inspires people to share Instant Articles 30% more often than mobile web articles on average, amplifying the reach of your stories in News Feed.

In addition, you can monitor your results within the Facebook page analytics and statistics to measure the success of your posts.

To get started simply sign up for Facebook Instant Articles. Then visit their Instant Articles Overview page to review the steps needed to use Instant Articles with your web site configuration.

Facebook Instant Articles

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