March Marketing Mayhem!

March MarketingMarch has arrived, and it is a great month for marketing ideas and grabbing the attention of an active season for consumers.

Seasons are changing and that gets people excited and active. Spring cleaning and the urge to get ready for the spring and summer weather and events creates a wonderful environment and mood. Here are a few things to consider for your March marketing strategies:

March Means Sports

March Marketing

Example Image for Generating Shares, Likes and Engagement

March Madness is viewed by millions of people, so hashtag strategies can be valuable by engaging in those following the brackets and teams that trend as the tournament unfolds. A bracket challenge would also be relatively easy to set up and invite your customers and followers to join.

Create like and share images, and Tweet and Retweet images for social media. This encourages user engagement, gaining you more exposure through those actions.

St Patrick’s Day Fun

Sell green stuff, sell fun stuff, sell anything you have related to this celebration!

National Caffeine Awareness Month

Almost everyone relates to coffee, and almost everyone can relate one of their products and/or services to something coffee related.

March 8th is International Women’s Day

Another great time for jumping in on something that will be trending online, and provide a target audience to promote yourself.

Girl Scout Week, March 12-18

And March 12th is National Girl Scout Day. Everyone loves the Girls Scouts! Show your support through social media, and consider a promotion for the girls and their organization.

Check In On Hashtags

Be sure to check on on my Internet Marketing Calendar throughout the month for suggested hashtags that might be trending, and after the March Madness selection on the 12th I will add the team hashtags for the basketball tournament.

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