Wayne Benton

When I first met Rags, he was a customer of mine. I tuned-up his sewing machine, and admired the digitizing that he does. I was impressed by the care that he puts into everything he does. So when I was looking for a webmaster, one that was familiar to the embroidery industry, I was very happy to learn that Rags had started into this field as well. After looking through his own web-site at www.a-stitch.com I decided to give him a try. He was not my first webmaster. I had one that, at the time, was one of our board members, and even though he had a financial interest in the company, the webpage was just a lost static page. Once Rags took over, the site looks better, gets more QUALIFIED hits, and is very easy to navigate, gets top listings at the search engines too.

spikeRags is a great webmaster, working with the top industry server, UD.NET, Rags will get your site noticed, you had better be ready to handle the load!

Wayne Benton
SewTech International, Inc.

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