Easy Money: Earning Gift Cards In Your Spare Time

By taking a quick survey every morning with that last cup of coffee, you can receive gift cards to use for your business, gifts, music and almost anything else.

Over the holidays last year I found myself spending a little extra time online exploring the benefits of taking surveys to earn extra money. It certainly helped put a few nifty gifts in the stockings. However it became clear that if you really want to earn you have to have a strategy, and more time than you probably have for working extra hours.

Although I quit the daily survey routine after the year started fresh, I did stick with one survey site that I found easy to use, simple to approach and comfortable with the time and effort involved with earning extra income.

YouGov is an international Internet-based market research firm. They don’t ask that you complete any monstrous detailed profile, use your name publicly, gather any of your personal information or make you jump through hoops to take a survey and earn points towards rewards. They simply send you a reminder email once every morning that you have the option to take that days short survey and add points towards you account. It’s easy, optional, and convenient.

The only complaint I have with them is the rewards being limited to gift cards and not including PayPal for a cash payout like other survey sites do. However they offer such a wide variety of gift cards to choose from the lack of an online payment is of little concern when you consider the benefits of earning the easy and spendable currency. I simply choose a gift card that suits my needs at the time, such as Amazon for office supplies or computer hardware. If I’m not much in need of anything business related I might grab a gift card for the book store or even Walgreens for restocking household items.

Their surveys are always short, easy to work through and they don’t press you for personal information or detailed opinions. The surveys are very straightforward Q&A. How often do you check in on social media? Check the box that says how often. Which social media platforms do you use? Check the boxes. I run through these quickly with one hand on the mouse and the other sipping my coffee. It is extremely rare that you need to type in answers or perform any complex tasks.

Give it a try yourself and see how just a few minutes of your free time can add up to earning spendable currency and ongoing savings to the monthly budget.

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