Creating New Strategies With Twitter Moments And Collections

Twitter Moments and CollectionsTwitter Moments and Twitter Collections offer a unique opportunity for online marketing.

After publishing the blog post Wait… I’m Having a Twitter Moment, I later revisited the feature on Twitter to update my moments and create a new one. It was then I decided the Moments feature would be a better asset if Twitter users could embed the timeline on their web site.

TwitterThis is when I found myself tinkering with Collections, another great way to assemble a series of Tweets for an organized presentation. Here are a few discoveries:

  • Embedding Collections is easier than embedding Moments
  • Moments isn’t embedding videos, only links to the videos
  • While moments is a nice presentation of your selection of Tweets, Collections creates a more familiar page on Twitter

As an example, for the sake of testing Moments after it’s launch I created a playlist using Moments called Coffee Break Tunes. While the presentation is nice, the videos are not embedding. However when used as a Collection the results are much more appealing and familiar along with the videos embedded properly.

Ideas for using Moments and Collections are endless.

  • Create catalogs of your products and services
  • Create portfolios of your best work
  • Employee of the month timeline
  • Create a calendar of events your business has hosted or participated in

To create a Collection, login to Tweetdeck using your Twitter account. You will have panels displaying your feeds, and you can arrange them, add or delete them to your liking.

From the left hand menu use the plus sign icon to add a panel and select Collections, and then use the Add New button to get started. You can then drag and drop your preferred Tweets into the collection from one panel to another, or use the Add By URL feature.

Tweetdeck Dashboard

Easily create Twitter Collections using the Tweetdeck Dashboard

Once you’ve created a Collection, the embed feature is easy to use and provides a great feature you can use on your web site.

For example, I created a Collection called Internet Marketing, which becomes a handy guide of good reads from other sources along with my own blog posts.

And here is what it looks like embedded:

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