Darts Technology: The Bionic Arm Implant

The Bionic Arm Implant for Darts PlayersInternet Marketing Calendar

April 1, 2017

The Bionic Arm Implant for Darts Players

The Bionic Arm Implant for Darts Players

The Future Of Darts

The future of darts technology lives within this advanced bionic arm implant from New Darts Technologies. After one brutally painful yet highly affordable surgery, the implant is then fine tuned to the dart players stance, height, weight and throw through either a desktop application or mobile device.

The application controls the arm in order to perfect the darts path along the proper parabolic curve, at the perfect accelerated rate with 99.9% targeted accuracy.

Computer Controlled Accuracy

The arm virtually controls every element of the throw; Aiming, Backward Stroke, Acceleration, Release and Follow Through.

Additional accuracy software can be installed to perform advanced tasks such as consuming a beverage or applying the perfect fist bump when playing league events.

Visit the New Darts Technologies website for more information and a list of certified dealers and surgeons in your area.

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