Wait… I’m Having a Twitter Moment

Twitter MomentOne of the latest features Twitter has released to all users is Twitter Moments, curated stories about what’s happening around the world, and powered by Tweets.

Darts ShirtsThis feature can provide you with a new method of using Twitter in your Internet Marketing strategies. To create a moment, from the Moments tab click on the Create new Moment button and get creative. Add an attention grabbing title and description, and select Tweets from a variety of sources (yours and/or others). Add an eye catching image for impact.

Tell a Story, Share an Event

You can create moments that tell stories, highlight events and even share your own moments such as anniversaries, receiving awards and other notable occasions. An example would be if you had posted a countdown to Christmas, posting each day of the countdown with creative content highlighting your products. You could then create a moment and have those Tweets stored in a nice presentable fashion that you could again use year after year.

Imagine how useful that would be to add to your annual holiday shopping guide?

Create a Portfolio

The image to the right is a moment I created using Tweets from my dart shirts account. As time goes by and I add new designs and post new images of darts shirt orders I’ve done they get added to the moment for an ongoing collection.

Imagine how useful something similar would be if it highlighted the best of your work, the most popular products or special orders you’ve produced that deserve to be highlighted.

Make Keepsakes Out of Your Customers Tweets

Moments are also a great way to create something from a reviews and testimonials perspective. When your clients Tweet about your products and services you can easily add them to the moment you created for them within a couple of clicks.

Imagine how useful that would be, having positive mentions all in one place rather than lost in a sea of Tweets and never put into one place for reference.

Invite Followers to Join

You can also pin moments to the top of your profile. A moment such as the celebration of embroidery month could be created for February, and Tweets from embroiderers engaged in the celebration could be added to that moment throughout the month. Hashtag strategies come into play as well. New products and services are moments. Create a moment for them, and as Tweets are posted regarding those products simply add them to the moment to create a collection of Tweets highlighting them.

Make Moments Count

Moments can generate a slideshow, include video, and be as creative as you’d like them to be. They can also be embedded into your web site and shared across other social media accounts. Take a moment to discover Twitter Moments and see how it fits into your marketing efforts.

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