Rags’ 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Rags' 2017 Holiday Gift GuideGive yourself a gift this season that will bring you benefits throughout the holiday season and well into the New Year!

The time is now to be prepared for the holiday season, are your web sites and other online properties ready for success? Consider making an investment in the areas you feel might benefit from some improvements. Whether it is a social media marketing campaign to run through years end, a tidying up of your web site and other online properties to best compliment your brand or a simple run through of your sites to improve the call to action and visitor engagement the return on investment will last far into 2018.

A Gift Can Be Judged By It’s Cover

Consumers are visual characters, and they characteristically recognize and trust the brands that do it right. Are your social media sites and primary web sites visually representing your brand with a powerful look and feel? By simply getting your logo, color scheme and images recognizable and pleasing to the eye across all of your web properties you create a top of the line presentation, a recognizable property and generate trust from your audience. The scope of different layouts and image requirements from one site to another can be daunting. Let me help by collaborating and getting a fine-tuned branded look and feel created for your online properties this year.

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Holiday Mayhem: Engaging The Online Consumers

A recent study from the tech company Fluent indicates that about 40 percent of US consumers plan to make at least one purchase this holiday season on a mobile device. And an immeasurable amount of consumers will be using the Internet for research and product comparisons before committing to a purchase. Roughly a 50/50 split between mobile and desktop machines. Getting your message to the masses requires a steady stream of promotional and engaging content through social media, following through with your regular email marketing strategies.

Let me help you create a social media campaign to run through the last day to order part of your calendar and stay focused on your customers and their holiday orders. Time is money, and the more time you spend making your customers happy and taking care of business the better. Let me give you that time!

Prepare for 2018

Getting past the holiday season can be brutal and fun all at the same time. But after the short break with New Years Day passing by, you discover another year of challenges and work awaits. Is your site current? And by that I mean mobile friendly, clear and strategically placed calls to action, keyword friendly and optimized for the best you can get in terms of search engines? Have you built your web?

Although the holiday season is right at the front door, there may be time to invest in bringing your web site to meet today’s demands and roll into 2018 ready for the future. Contact me quickly before the schedule is booked up!

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