Build Your Web

web-visualThe World Wide Web is indeed an interesting phrase. And putting that into context, the visual of connections between servers, routers, computers, wireless devices and more certainly looks like a web.

It is that visual that comes to mind when I am asked, “How many social media platforms should I use?” or “How can I improve my exposure to online consumers?”

Many experts have many opinions on the answer to those questions. But mine has always been the concept of “Why not all of them?”

It has been my experience that the more places I can add my web site to be discovered the more I build a “Web”. And more dense my web becomes it tends to catch more Internet users and search engine crawlers. By creating several locations to be found and connecting them to your other properties, an effective web is the end result.

Maintaining such a dense web can certainly be time consuming, however using tools such as social media managers and utilizing automated feeds and connections one can bring the task to an easily manageable experience.

Build Your Web

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