#Hashtag This

social-media-free-download-pngBy now you’ve become aware of hashtags whether it is catching a late night TV host creating a humorous hashtag for people to share funny stories, a sporting event using a hashtag to get Internet users to support their team or a news outlet using one to reach out for feedback.

You can take advantage of hashtags and reach a wide audience by simply participating and engaging in those topics. A great way to do this is to check in on trending hashtags and join the conversation, particularly when a hashtag is enormously popular such as #SuperBowl during game day.

A more efficient way to apply a hashtag strategy is to utilize timers for social media posts based on calendars that focus on a variety of topics. For example, http://www.onthisday.com/ offers a virtual encyclopedia of interesting facts and historical moments that can be tapped into for posting timely, hashtag inclusive content. At https://foodimentary.com/ you can view each months celebrations of all things culinary, I use it often for my clients who are in that industry and find much success.

By focusing on a topic that relates to your products and services, you can easily create content that will engage Internet users by jumping in on the conversation, generating new followers and clicks to your promotional message.

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