Using Contests To Generate Traffic, Leads And Sales: Enter To Win!

Using Contests To Generate TrafficCreating online contests and challenges to generate traffic, followers, email subscribers, shares, likes and more.

In previous blog posts and my Internet Strategies column I’ve often mentioned contests, trivia and other methods of user interaction and engagement to get exposure to your products and services and more. From simple things like Caption Contests to Brain Teasers people love a challenge, and if a prize is involved the contest becomes even more compelling.


  • Include contest rules to prevent conflicts
  • Register contest entry’s using your email subscriber list
  • Keep the contest alive and exciting by posting often on social media
  • Use a landing page for signups with social media sharing buttons
  • Make a big deal out of congratulating the winner

In a previous Internet Strategies column I shared experiences from the early days of the Internet. I was involved with many of the online adventures of the Embroidery Mall at the time, and once a year they would host a Scavenger Hunt offering prizes from sponsors.

The method was simple: sponsors would be given a unique icon to hide somewhere within the pages of their web sites, and Embroidery Mall shoppers were challenged to visit each sponsors site to find, collect and report the results before the contest deadline.

Year after year these events generated a ton of traffic to the Embroidery Mall and of course, the sponsors web sites. The benefits of sponsoring were fantastic, as the challenge required players to literally check every page of the web site until they found the scavenger hunt icon.

This of course leads to discovery, becoming familiar with the site, the sponsor and their products and services. Back then we did not have social media, so today this kind of contest is even more of a traffic generator then ever. This is the kind of content that encourages likes, shares, retweets, re-posts and more.

Just this weekend I checked in on some weather conditions that were coming my way and noticed a contest in progress reminding me of this fun and engaging method of gathering followers, leads and sales (see the screen grab below).

Consider trying these methods yourself! Make it fun, spread the word and enjoy the benefits of hosting an online contest.

Using Contests To Generate Traffic

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