Portfolio: 1 Moore Embroidery Place

1 Moore Embroidery Place
Responsive Web Design1 Moore Embroidery Place is a simple and straight forward web presence for Denise Moore. If you look closely it has been developed for speed, ease of use and generating leads and sales. The shopping cart system allows Denise to add products that are ready to customize and send to her customers, and the catalog system includes a quote request form on every page. My goal is for site visitors to find what they want and add it to their cart within three clicks or less, and when confronted with so many items that offer customization beyond monogramming, both the shopping cart system and the catalog achieve that goal.

The web site is Responsive to accommodate users visiting on any mobile device, and it is connected to Denise’s social media accounts so when specials, promotions and other product additions are posted her Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages are all updated with the simple pressing of the publish button. Denise also took advantage of Constant Contact to keep her customers and sales leads up to speed with her products and services throughout the year with professional, effective email marketing.

1 Moore Embroidery Place is another prime example of an effective and affordable web site that any business owner can operate and maintain on their own without further expenses from a webmaster.

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