Optimizing and Reviewing Your Home Page and Landing Pages

Review Your Home Page and Landing PagesConverting your site visitors into leads and sales using landing page strategies and appealing to the consumers.

I have this task set annually to February 7 on my Internet Marketing Calendar. After following up on holiday sales and statistics along with starting the year with an analysis of the competition, it is a great time to make improvements to the web site and roll into the year fully charged.

Landing pages are important for the simple reason that users demand speed, ease of use and immediate gratification. If you apply my e-commerce 3 click rule – 3 clicks maximum to find something and make a purchase or contact you – you will understand the importance of a landing page.

Let me perform this task for you. A little can go a long way with this update.

To get started let me provide you with a thorough review and report with suggestions on how to approach the optimization process. Should you require optimizing services, that will require a quote once the review has been completed and delivered so we can discuss the details your decisions based on the review.

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