Internet Marketing Calendar: Optimize/Review your Website Copy

Optimize/Review your Website Copy
Internet Marketing Calendar

March 1st

Not just important for the search engines, but also for your visitors and conversion rates. Consider these tips:

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Interactivity: Do not waste the user’s time

Statistics prove that only 10% of the readers read in electronic media for leisure. For the rest 90% it’s always something they’d like to know and they’d like to know it fast. Try to get your pitch across in an efficient manner. Short and Sweet works wonders

Identify your Target Audience:

Write a web-copy that connects and appeals to your target audience.

Seamless Scanning

Seamless navigation and scanning make a reader more comfortable. Break your content into headlines and sub-headlines that makes it easy for your readers to scan. Highlight the sentences or the words that you’d want your readers to see or you think is effective in communicating what your audience is looking for.

Keywords: a MUST.

No matter how elevated your content is, it is practically of no use without it having appropriate keywords. A good keyword density would not only negate any chances of it being lost in the web-world but also assure the users that this is just what they are looking for.

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