Use Collections On Your Google Plus Business Page For Unique Marketing And Exposure

Google CollectionsForgetting about Google Plus is a bad habit to get into. Discover Collections and create organized promotions, catalogs and more to keep your Google Plus Business Profile effective.

I’ve recently posted about Twitter Moments and Twitter Collections, mentioning the variety of uses they offer for interesting Marketing Strategies. Much like Pinterest Boards, you can use these features to create online catalogs, a history of your best work, portfolios and more.

These same strategies apply using Google Collections. Collections offer a great deal of user friendliness and a nice visual presentation. In addition, with the ability to create as many collections as you like you can target individual audiences with more focus. One could target niche markets of every category using Collections.

Another value to Collections is they create more content for you to share across your other social media platforms. Consider them unique landing pages for keeping your followers eyes on your products and services!

Google Collections

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