911 Tribute Embroidery Design “Let Freedom Ring”

freedomwatermarkYour license allows the use of this design to be printed or sewn on units to be sold for profit, but a copy of the DESIGN FILE may not be sold or shared.

Design Specs:

  • 8.94″ High X 10.04″ Wide (Scalable +/- 10%)
  • 143,054 Stitches
  • 7 Colors

Formats in this download:

  • EMB
  • DST


Scroll down to view the scanned stitch out. You will not be disappointed in this design.

This design works well on embroidered garments as well as creating wonderful framed art pieces. It became very popular with embroidery machine suppliers for use at trade shows and demonstrations, as the design runs flawlessly with little to no thread breaks and an extremely minimal amount of color changes, trims and stops.

Let Freedom Ring 9/11 Tribute Embroidery Design

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