Mobile Friendliness: The Click To Call Button

Click To CallIf it hasn’t been brought to your attention yet, getting your web site and other web properties tuned in and mobile friendly has become imperative. Ideally, you want to shoot for a web site with a responsive design, or the alternative redirect site where users of mobile devices can land and find a pleasurable experience. You also need to be aware that this past quarter, nearly 68 percent of emails were opened on a mobile device, with 52 percent of those being opened on smartphones.

Having said that, here is a little trick you can use to add a Click to Call link or button to your web sites or emails. While those using responsive sites and correctly designed emails have built in luxury, this might help those of you who just need to give a few places some mobile friendliness.

The following is the HTML markup for a click-to-call link. Just replace the 5555555555 with your phone number, using no spaces or dashes.

<a href="tel:5555555555">Call Us</a>

The same code can be used with an image in order to create a button, just replace the text Call Us with the HTML for the image you’d like to use.

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