3 Reasons To Consider a Social Media Manager

Social Media ManagerBack in the day social media started as something that could be easily maintained in a short period of time. However today there are more platforms, more audiences, more demographics to consider, and more strategical approaches among them.

These days social media is a landscape that often seems so overbearing it’s amazing anyone can keep up. While many tools make life easier by posting content to several accounts at once, there are other things to consider that become critical to measuring your success. It is important to target demographics accordingly, monitor statistics and post content in a manner that is promotional as well as personal and engaging.

If you find yourself buried under the weight of it all, consider a social media manager.

Time Is Valuable

Imagine having the ability to pay attention to every day business as if your social media tasks didn’t exist. Having the comfort of knowing it is being done, and you will be able to enjoy it’s benefits while staying focused on business at hand. Imagine being able to actually use social media where and when you’d like to – or not at all if that’s your preference – having no burden to be checking in on a regular basis and keeping up with the fast pace of the Internet at large.

Your time is valuable, and so is your social media presence. A social media manager can post content on your behalf while you do what you do best.

Your time is valuable, and so is your social media presence. A social media manager can handle the who, what, when and where, create content that reaches out to your target market and post that content on your behalf while you do what you do best.

Staying Visible And Active Is Valuable

Accounts that remain static and don’t post often wind up going un-followed. Accounts that post either all promotional content or nothing but nonsense go un-followed as well. There is a good recipe for staying active and posting content that keeps your audience interested, as well as methods to encourage them to like and share that content with their followers.

A social media manager can post on a regular basis, carefully making sure that there is a good balance between promotion and social engagement. They can also take advantage of trending topics as they happen, and monitor a calendar of events and strategies that are effective for you.

Results Are Valuable

How often do you take a look into your statistics – site statistics that report referrers and the social media sites that you use? How often do you look into how many arrived and clicked on a call to action? How often do you look into your social media statistics and discover who’s watching, who’s engaging, what content has been successful and what has gone ignored? What time of day is your audience engaging with your content?

These are details that you should know, and it takes time and a bit of technical skills to gather them all and process it into something you can wrap your head around. A social media manager can provide you with regular reports that can be reviewed over a cup of coffee, and you can take that information in at your convenience.

Summary: Leads and Sales Are Valuable

If these details along with leads and sales seem valuable to you, and you discover that your social media strategies could use the extra help, I am available for doing just that. Together, we can take your needs and my skills and create social media strategies that will provide you with results. Contact me today, and let’s get your accounts active and generating followers, friends, leads and sales.

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